Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Young Nellie

‘Francis Charles Needam, 3rd Earl of Kilmorey, who was born in London in 1842, succeeded to the title and estates of his grandfather in 1880. His father, Lord Newry, eldest son of the [2nd] Earl, had died as far back as 18[51] ... .(Kilmorey Papers)  Lord Kilmorey married in 1881 Ellen Constance ["Nellie"], daughter of the late Mr Edward H[olmes] Baldock, M.P. ... for Shrewsbury [1847-57], and of Elizabeth, fifth daughter of Sir Andrew Corbet, 2nd Bt, of Moreton-Corbet, Salop ...'. [D2638/E/24-6.] Lady Kilmorey's grandfather, another Edward Holmes Baldock (1777-1845), who founded the family fortunes, has been the subject of a two-part article by Sir Geoffrey de Bellaigue, Surveyor of the Queen's Works of Art, in The Connoisseur for August 1975. He describes the first Baldock as '... an antique dealer who ended his days as an armigerous gentleman, ... numbered among his clients George IV and William Beckford, ... became "Purveyor of China" to William IV and Queen Victoria, [and] specialised in foreign porcelain and furniture. ... [In the period up] to 1827 ..., he contributed to the refurnishing of Windsor Castle, selling the King cabinets, sofas, chairs and Sévres porcelain.’ …Following his death, his son and namesake married into the baronetage and became an M.P. (without ever making a speech in the House of Commons). '... On his [Edward Holmes Baldock II's] death on 15 August 1875 his estate, which was valued at under £140,000, was divided between his son, also named Edward Holmes Baldock, and two daughters [one of whom was the future Lady Kilmorey]. His assets consisted principally of consols and railway stock, as well as real estate property [in and near Oxford Street, in the Haverstock Hill area of London, etc] from which he derived an annual income of £1,093 11s. 4d. ...' (Kilmorey Papers, 2007)
 [Lord and Lady Kilmorey's children were]: ... Francis Charles Adelbert Henry Needham (the 4th Earl); Capt. the Hon. Francis Needham, Grenadier Guards [grandfather of the present (6th) Earl of Kilmorey]; and Lady Cynthia Almina Constance Mary Needham who, in 1908, married Viscount Villiers, now [8th] Earl of Jersey. ...'. [D2638/D/97. (Kilmorey Papers, 2007)

This is a photograph of a young Nellie.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Cambridge Emeralds

I have found out that Nellie was bequeathed The Teck Emeralds; now know as the Cambridge Emeralds worn by Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.  She had an affair with German Prince Francis of Teck, Queen Mary's Brother, and was left the Teck Emeralds amongst others.  Queen Mary had his Will sealed in order to avoid a scandal and bought the Teck Emeralds back from Nellie for £10,000.  The sealing of Royal Will's then became common practice up until Princess Diana's time.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

An interview with Marion Russell

Mrs Russell kindly rang me today to arrange a meeting this Friday at her home.  She told me to take a camera and that she had various information about 'Nellie' that would not be in the pubic records.  I am looking forward to this interview and hope to tape some of our conversation on my mobile.  I'll keep you posted later on in the week.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Pending meeting with Marion Russell

I have recently got in contact with Marion Russell, a direct descendant and present occupant of Mourne Park.  She is in the video attached.  She is arranging for an interview and a tour of the house.  I am really looking forward to seeing around the house and hearing all the stories about her ancestors.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

More information about Mourne Park ascendancy can be found on the above web site.  This coat of arms is from this site along with much more usful information.

The Video of Mourne Park

I have inserted a video of Mourne Park 'Big House' because when I asked Mrs Anley if I could record her interview she politely declined.  The lady being interviewed in the video, Marion Russell, is Mrs Anley's daughter.

Video of Mourne Park

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Early beginnings

I have been interested in the Big House ancestry since I read the novel The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen.  My local Big House is in Mourne Park Kilkeel which is currently owned by the Anley's. 

I went on the website for Mounre Park and emailed Mrs Julie-Ann Anley who answered within two days, asking me 'how can I help?' and gave my her phone number.  After two phone calls she invited me for coffee so that she could discuss her research and information that she had gathered for me.